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Gallery – Red Pendant

Recently we went through our entire photo library and re-cropped ALL details for examination.  In doing so, we created many new libraries of each little detail in Wanda’s Avengers 2 costume.

Since we just recently highlighted great resources for obtaining a red oval kuchi coin pendant, we thought we’d publish our image library of all photos of this detail, in case it helps anyone.

We do not own any of these photos, and most sources have been lost over time.

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Wanda’s Red Pendant – Other Sources

We just posted a positive review about World of Bacara, and their current offering, Scarlet Witch’s Red Pendant.  In addition, to help spread as much information as possible, we’ll also post a list of other sellers on Etsy with similar kuchi coin pendants for purchase.

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Wanda’s Red Pendant available on Etsy

Today we want to highlight World of Bacara, an Etsy shop who currently has a large lot of the exact Red Kuchi coin pendandt worn by Wanda in Avengers 2, Age of Ultron. Beautiful, reliable, timely delivery, affordable, these are a must have for anyone looking into this cosplay.

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Scarlet Witch Red Pendant Necklace


We have a winner!  Huge thanks to reader Vivi for pointing us in this direction:

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned yet but I’m 99% sure her red necklace is a kuchi coin with a red glass stone.

I didn’t even know about such things, and now that i’ve seen it, i’m 100% positive this is Wanda’s necklace. A kuchi coin pendant with a smooth-finished, transparent glass oval bead/jewel, non-faceted, hung on a silver cord-style chain.

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Research help from you lovely visitors!

Hello to all of you.  We will take time today thank you guys, the visitors for all your wonderful comments, suggestions and input.  Thank you greatly… all of you have contributed something to this site.  What started as a simple project to keep a record of personal research into costume recreation has now grown into one of the top non-commercial sites in Google for searches on Wanda’s costume from Age of Ultron.  I certainly never expected that, :), nor even had that as a goal, but don’t we all feel lucky! All of you are to thank!


Additionally, I highly encourage everyone to continue providing observations and feedback.  Many of the discoveries made here are owed to your comments.

In fact, in honour of the helpfulness of you the visitors, I’d like to highlight the contributors who have faithfully been visiting, even during my recent life-enduing hiatus.

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