Gallery – Red Pendant

Recently we went through our entire photo library and re-cropped ALL details for examination.  In doing so, we created many new libraries of each little detail in Wanda’s Avengers 2 costume.

Since we just recently highlighted great resources for obtaining a red oval kuchi coin pendant, we thought we’d publish our image library of all photos of this detail, in case it helps anyone.

We do not own any of these photos, and most sources have been lost over time.

Wanda’s Red Pendant

More info on the identity of the pendant at the bottom of the post.

Posts on the Red Kuchi Coin Pendant

One thought on “Gallery – Red Pendant”

  1. Lunar
    This is Barbara from world of Bacara, I do hope your well. It has been sum time and I thank you still for the wonderful review. A customer sent me a question about the Scarlet Witch pendant and asked if I had anymore. It comes to find out the link you have is old and if you would be so kind as to update it. I have ample supply, the price has gone up due to sourcing.
    Do stay well and all the best,
    World of Bacara


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