Screen Cap of Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Cosplay Reference Motherload

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned yet but I’m 99% sure her red necklace is a kuchi coin with a red glass stone.
High-res photo of Scarlet Witch from filming Age of Ultron

This site has unexpectedly exploded with visitors recently.  We try to maintain in the posts as much accurate detail as possible.  As a result, there is information related to Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 cosplay research all over this website.

In an attempt to make your Age of Ultron cosplay research easier, we are now consolidating all of the Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff posts into one central labelled location. As more posts come online, they will be catalogued here as well.

Just like in the original post, it will be broken into subsections.

Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff Avengers 2 Age of Ultron Cosplay & Costume

The original post is here (link), however, there are many updates currently happening and ongoing, so please reference the sections below as well for more specific information if available.


Black Dress

Red Jacket

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 CostumeComing Soon…

In the meantime however, we did post some initial thoughts to keep in mind while searching for your own jacket in response to a visitor: Comments from previous post


Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 Costume BootsStandard plain black combat boots, no zipper, 1.5” inch heel


Keep in mind, she wears 2 pair:


Photo of costumes for scarlet witch on displayLove including this as an element of her costume.






Her bracelets are still an ongoing examination.  Continue to look for more detailed information


Her rings are another area that has had serious updates, which we’re still posting about, so please look at all updated links, and continue to check back.


Hair, Make-up, Nail Polish

Coming Soon…

NOTE:  It is apparent in most high-red photos that Scarlet Witch sports extremely messy and chipped black nail polish.  So polish those nails a week ahead and let it age significantly.

General Notes Observations

Reference Photos

Most of these posts have been listed already, but if you are searching for pages with a large stash of screen-grabs or leaked photos, they are listed here.

7 thoughts on “Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Cosplay Reference Motherload”

  1. HEY I found the red bra that is worn by the scarlet witch in Age of Ultron! Or at least one that is incredibly similar, it was on amazon! here is a link!

    Forgive me, you will have to copy and paste. I am terrible with technology. Get it in Rhubarb/Silver. It has a silly little bow on the gore, but that can easily be removed with a seam ripper! It runs a little small, but it gives the boobs the perfect shape for the character! It really is perfect for the costume. I tried to tell you via tumblr ask, but it wasnt working. Let me know if it works out!!


    1. NICE! It certainly has the ‘balcony bra’ shape that appears to be what Wanda is wearing, and the lace pattern is spot-on. like it! Will recommend it. Thank you for the tip!


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