Red Kuchi Coin Neckalce with Snake Chain

Wanda’s Red Pendant available on Etsy

Today we want to highlight World of Bacara, an Etsy shop who currently has a large lot of the exact Red Kuchi coin pendandt worn by Wanda in Avengers 2, Age of Ultron. Beautiful, reliable, timely delivery, affordable, these are a must have for anyone looking into this cosplay.

World of Bacara Scarlet Witch Pendant

Above are photos we took of the pendant we received.  The silver snake chain is not included (we added the above from our stash to replicate the full necklace from the film), however see below for resources on where to find one. World of Bacara is currently offering them for $4.50 plus shipping.  We are unaware of how many she has available, so be sure to order yours ASAP.

We are choosing to specifically highlight Barbara and her shop for several reasons.  After ordering several samples from different suppliers of the kuchi coin pendant, we have come to discover:

  1. Her product is impeccable, it is an exact match we far as we can tell without being to actually examine the original from the film.
  2. She offers consistency. After receiving a couple samples from her lot, they are all perfect cosplay props.
  3. She offers wonderful customer service with timely deliveries and thorough communication to any contact
  4. Her prices are extremely reasonable.
  5. She still has a good supply – but perhaps not for long. 🙂

We absolutely can not recommend her enough.  As far as getting an exact pendant for Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch, this is IT! Look no further!  And again, these are not manufactured items, they are ‘found’ and ‘imported’,  so please follow our advice.  Order one soon, we don’t now how long her supply will last.

Silver Snake Chain

Barbara does not unfortunately sell them with the 18-20” silver ‘snake chain’ needed to hang the pendant.  In the photos above, we hung our pendant on a chain from our stash, however, these chains are easy to obtain.  Below is a list of 3 major stores which carry similar chains.





4 thoughts on “Wanda’s Red Pendant available on Etsy”

  1. Lunar
    This is Barbara from world of Bacara, I do hope your well. It has been sum time and I thank you still for the wonderful review. A customer sent me a question about the Scarlet Witch pendant and asked if I had anymore. It comes to find out the link you have is old and if you would be so kind as to update it. I have ample supply, the price has gone up due to sourcing.
    Do stay well and all the best,
    World of Bacara


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