Wanda’s Red Pendant – Other Sources

We just posted a positive review about World of Bacara, and their current offering, Scarlet Witch’s Red Pendant.  In addition, to help spread as much information as possible, we’ll also post a list of other sellers on Etsy with similar kuchi coin pendants for purchase.

Moonfire Charmsil_570xN.774377249_tsa4

We discovered these pendants a while ago, and to be honest, we did not order one due to price concerns, and issues with PayPal.  These pendants however have come down in price, and look to be exact versions of the movie necklace.  Currently available for $5 + $5 shipping.

il_570xN.739766997_p9r1Neemahe Tribal

This is a single lot of 6 coins available for purchase.  While these pendants are not translucent, they can certainly work in a pinch if actually glass versions are no longer available.  Lot of 6 for $11.22 +shipping.

il_570xN.811288210_jz4lNeemahe Tribal

Another lot from this seller, offers a mix or translucent and opque pendants.  This time available in sets of 10 for $20.20 +shipping.  Not information about special requests for choosing the pendants is available.

il_570xN.698760078_rl7zStar of the East

Not a perfect option, but this seller is offering a necklace with a Kuchi Coin pendant attached.  It can certainly be taken apart for it’s individual parts.  1 available for $54.00 +shipping.

il_570xN.671385094_erc2The Tattooed Lotus

Again, another piece of jewelry which can be taken apart for it’s components.  This is a silk wrap bracelet with a kuchi coin embellishment.  1 currently available for $24 +shipping.

If anyone orders from any of these sellers, please, we highly encourage you to let us know, we’ll happily post a review of your opinion on the product.



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