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Call to Scarlet Witch Avengers cosplayers…

So many of you have contacted me mentioning that you are working on a cosplay of your own for Age of Ultron.  This seems like a perfect opportunity to place an open call to all you visitors!  I’d like to create a gallery here of all your awesome cosplays and feature each of them.

Beginner or advanced, casual or serious… take it from me, visually learning how other people interpret a costume always serves as great inspiration, and often catalyses your own ideas and imaginations.  It can also be the spark of inspiration needed to ‘finally start or finish THAT project’.

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Scarlet Witch – Large Silver Ring

Little things like this make me happy. Apparently anyone who has any sense of style owns a large ring, but i do not. Found this beauty at Old Navy for $5, and it’s a very good substitute for Wanda’s.