Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff Figure from Avengers 2

July Round-up from visitors

Now that July is at a close, we thought we’d do another post highlighting the help all you visitors have contributed, since many of you actually hit the nail on the head in terms of identifying objects for a Wanda Avengers 2 cosplay.  Your contributions need to be shared with the community.

All efforts are made to keep archived posts accurate with new information, but in case something gets overlooked, it’s highlighted below.

Again, this site wouldn’t be nearly as accurate if it weren’t the wonderful information you all post, so please, keep commenting!  It helps everyone!

Right Red Ring

Devon Farra found this AWESOME possibility for Wanda’s red ring, right-hand, index finger.

this is a great one for the right index finger.

As stated in the reply, if there hadn’t been 2 really high-res photos that indicate texture in the gold portion of the ring, then this ring would be THE ring. Great find!


Kristen found a very good possibility for Wanda’s boots:

I just found these guys while trollin around. I think they look pretty spot on.

Aside from the texture of the leather (which we think is a more smooth flat leather), these are the first boots we’ve found that are the right construction, ie, no zipper, no buckles, just plain black combat boots with a 1.5” heel.

Earring Alternatives

Chank062 found a similar looking pair of earrings on Ebay, for those that either don’t want to spend $200 on the originals, or doesn’t want to fabricate.

Hey so I came across these earrings that look kinda perfect for the one’s in the movie

General Referene

madielizab3th pointed us to the very helpful Marvel Cinematic Universe Fashion Tumblr site.  Whenever they identify the ‘actual’ fashion item on anyone for any Marvel related activity (films, press conference, premier’s, etc), they post it here.


kensalyn found a great new high-res photo, which helped further the long disc pendant research.

More on the pendandt coming soon. 🙂


pri gave us links to the Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 collectible, which appears to have a high amount of detail. for look at her hand for the rings

its a toy but a very accurate and you can see the bracelets

If anyone has pre-ordered on of these ($229.99), please let us know.  Would love to hear your thoughts, and perhaps post a review here on it’s usefulness as a cosplay reference.


Thank you again everyone.  Happy cosplaying!


4 thoughts on “July Round-up from visitors”

    1. You might be right about that. I unfortunately am not aware of the intricate differences between ‘boots’ and booties’… but i’ll find out! Thanks for the tip!


  1. Great post! I think it’s awesome that you give feedback and credit to your readers. I’m really enjoying seeing the progress of your costume. Keep up the good work!


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