Devon Farra's Scarlet Witch Wanda cosplay

Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff – Cosplay Showcase

Hello all.  This Cosplay Tuesday we are happy to feature Devon Farra, a self-proclaimed ‘beginning‘ customer, but her intuition is beyond her apparent ‘actual’ cosplay-time. We are particularly enamoured with her dress, which she constructed herself, and from every photo, looks to be a great fabrication.

How she tackled ‘Wanda‘/’Scarlet Witch‘ from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is a good-read and unique for anyone who wants to go down this path. Thank you Devon for sharing your experience with us.

Davon Farra’s Tumblr Site

Devon Farra’s Photos

Her Story

My name is Devon, and I am a beginner in cosplay, Scarlet Witch being my first official one that I debuted at HeroesCon in Charlotte NC. I made it in my spare time in about a month to two, with pieces both bought and hand made.

I will admit that I am a huge Marvel fan, I grew up on X Men and Avengers with my Dad. My Mom on the other hand couldn’t tell you the difference between Hawkeye and Green Arrow. So when she saw the character and heard my plans she was excited about it for me. Even if she asked after the Con if the pictures of me with Silver haired guys was her love interest…. only in some story lines Mom. Only in some.

While making the costume I had a lot of set backs, like working overtime at my job, my cat deciding that the fabric was a nest, my Stepfather quietly dropping off things for me to fix while I had my machine out. In all it took me twice as long to make as i thought it would, but I also fixed the hole in the snuggle foot pocket, three pairs of jeans with holes in them, and had to recut fabric because my cat scratched up the vinyl for the bracers.

My biggest pride that came out of it though was the dress which I both patterned and made. It wasn’t my first time making costume pieces but it was the first time I made a fitted bodice for my own body. I actually wear the dress out in public with out a cosplay reason because I like it so much. After the con and wearing it all day, I did make some edits, such as rounding the collar and stitching it open so the blue is shown at all times. Along with fixing a few oops that I didn’t notice at home, like the fact that my waist seam didn’t meet up at the same spot in the front.

The biggest pain in my butt to make ended up being the bracers, one because I have large hands and two because my cat stole the first set of zippers I had. In the end I added a back panel with elastic so I could pull them on and off no problem and the zippers were fully just aesthetic. That was the third set, the first ones being too short, the second set I hadn’t quite finished and when I went to zip them in a fit run, it came off at the top, leaving it non-functional. I cried a bit at that point.

Admittedly I was like a kid in a candy store at Con, I refused to sit still and had a great time. Lots of compliments on my quality and work around ideas. I went with a few friends, who are in the group shot, Quailman and Phoenix getting way more attention than me because, well yeah, they were awesome. I ended up playing photographer more than I was photographed. I will be doing it all over again at Fayetteville ComiCon in October, but this time hopefully my hair will not be killed by humidity.

Devon’s Resources

  • My kuchi coin necklace was bought at Moonfire Charms on Etsy, Here.
  • Earrings, which I bought in gold, are from RecocoNYC and can be bought Here.
  • Braclet (which didn’t make it in time), because we can’t all afford custom made, is from GUSFREE and can be bought Here.
  • Red and gold ring, which didn’t make it in time, is from Viancamercedes and can be found Here.
  • My Boots are a pair that I owned, Spraypaint by Rock & Candy, that have a lace insert that I folded up to hide.
  • The Jacket I purchased, cut and rubbed with shoe polish in a several layer process, and yes it does look awesome. The Jacket is Black Rivet, and can be bought Here.
  • Knee highs, are hand done with sheers from Walmart.
  • Powers, not pictured, Red and burgundy tulle that was stiffened while surrounding a blown up glove. It did not survive travel.
  • Other rings, bracelets, and long necklace were purchased previously or made for the cosplay.
  • If anyone has other questions, you can contact me at My Tumblr. I respond pretty quickly.

Devon Farra’s Links



Thank you Devon for sharing your experience with us. It just goes to show that even a ‘beginner’ costumer as you claim (although we don’t agree) can create something recognisable, appreciated and inspirational.

If any of you would like to be featured in our Cosplay Tuesdays, feel free to contact us!


Happy sewing/fabrication!




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