Photo of costumes for scarlet witch on display

Research help from you lovely visitors!

Hello to all of you.  We will take time today thank you guys, the visitors for all your wonderful comments, suggestions and input.  Thank you greatly… all of you have contributed something to this site.  What started as a simple project to keep a record of personal research into costume recreation has now grown into one of the top non-commercial sites in Google for searches on Wanda’s costume from Age of Ultron.  I certainly never expected that, :), nor even had that as a goal, but don’t we all feel lucky! All of you are to thank!


Additionally, I highly encourage everyone to continue providing observations and feedback.  Many of the discoveries made here are owed to your comments.

In fact, in honour of the helpfulness of you the visitors, I’d like to highlight the contributors who have faithfully been visiting, even during my recent life-enduing hiatus.

Below is a list of many of the comments left recently, and they should be shared with the entire community.

Dress suggestions

Chank062 offered her finds from her own fabric search for Wanda’s black chiffon dress.

In terms of the fabric, I’ve found something kinda similar but not exact:

The fabric’s dotted texture is slightly more spread out in both designs however.

This stemmed from a search for dotted swiss organza used in wedding dresses so I believe there will be this sort of fabric in other materials- possibly chiffon.


Photo of black zippered dress from Hot Topic
Hot Topic black zipper front dress

softpunkprincess pointed out a nice alternative that is widely available from HotTopic for Wanda’s black dress.

I stumbled upon this dress at Hot Topic that I think could be an easy alternative to trying to find Wanda’s two dress combination. This one has a similar skirt and neckline to hers and I think it could work in a pinch 🙂

Black Zipper Front Dress


Addie Mae posted her eagle-eye observation:

In the part where Thor is channeling the lightening into the cradle they show her with her jacket off and the sleeves are regular short sleeve length with cinched fabric that is vertical.

She also provided details about her ring which will be expanded on in next post.


Vivi was the first one to tell me about the existence of Kuchi coin jewelery, which am now POSITIVE is Wanda’s red pendant.  Thank you Vivi, would not have discovered that without you.  More in the next post.

Additional Photos

Chank062 & EvaJ both pointed me to this fabulous website which contains photos the poster took of the actual costume worn by Elizabeth Olsen in the film.

Scarlet Witch Movie Costume Display – Hollywood Movie Costumes & Props

Few examples:


Thank you to all of you!

2 thoughts on “Research help from you lovely visitors!”

  1. Hi Lunar – thank you for all your posts about SW’s costume. It has helped me so much in my costume building! I wanted to share some of my findings that I haven’t seen posted here yet.

    I found this high res image that really helps with her dress details:

    Although it’s heavily photoshopped, it still shows all the details. From this image I can see:

    1. Dress: What we thought was a polka dot blue lining revealed by her folded-back collar, is really just a mesh lining behind the embroidery from the front of the dress.
    2. Dress: The ruching at the hip
    3. In addition to the red bra, she is also wearing a deep purple lace camisole (or something of the sort) over her bra. I had caught a glimpse of this in some photos but couldn’t confirm until I saw this image.

    Also, to confirm Addie Mae’s observation, I found this image of her without the jacket on. It’s not good quality, but it confirms the dress is short-sleeved.

    Last thing: I found this image which shows the crescent moon midi ring on her right index finger:


    1. These are fantastic. I actually noticed a few of my incorrect details awhile ago, but have fallen behind in posting about them (the lining of her dress and the gathered inset waistline for starters). That’s the FIRST photo I’ve found of her sleeves though, thank you! Will have to do a dress update very soon… as well complete the ring entry for her other hand.

      SO many details!!! 🙂


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