Photo of a kuchi coin pendant with a red oval stone

Scarlet Witch Red Pendant Necklace


We have a winner!  Huge thanks to reader Vivi for pointing us in this direction:

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned yet but I’m 99% sure her red necklace is a kuchi coin with a red glass stone.

I didn’t even know about such things, and now that i’ve seen it, i’m 100% positive this is Wanda’s necklace. A kuchi coin pendant with a smooth-finished, transparent glass oval bead/jewel, non-faceted, hung on a silver cord-style chain.

Above is the photo from the movie, followed by an enlarged crop which shows the pendant in as much detail as we have available. (Google Kuchi Coin Pendant to see many examples of this type of cultural craft)

The third photo is shot taken from an Etsy seller who had the pendant available.  From what we understand about these pieces, they are not formally manufactured, they are ‘found’ items in street markets/fairs in Afghanistan and the surrounding cultural areas, therefore, they can’t predictably be available in a reliable way on Etsy, Ebay or any other site.

They do however pop-up all the time, so continue to search, Etsy especially.

The fourth photo show just the plain coin with a bail attached (for hanging as a necklace), which are also ‘found’ items, but are much more plentiful and easily found on Etsy.  Here are a number of sellers who currently have large lots for sale:

…and dozens others if you just search for ‘Kuchi Coins’.

The advantage of ordering the plain coin is that it is more easily found, and with a red glass oval bead/jewel found at either a local bead shop, or the mosaic tile/stone section at your local craft store, you could fabricate your own pendant.

I myself have order both a red pendant from a random seller, as well as one of the lots from WomensWorldShop. Once they arrive, I’ll post photos of the red pendant, and work on a tutorial about how to alter a plain coin into a replica of a real kuchi coin glass pendant.


Incidentally, Before discovering this lovely information from Vivi, I have been working on gathering materials readily available at Joann’s and Michael’s to fabricate a descent replica.  For those interested (or those who don’t like to purchase from Etsy or online sellers – like I used to be 🙂 ), I’ll post the info so far…


Happy hunting!!!

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