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Tauriel Costume Study II – Scene Breakdown

Hello everyone.  As promised, I have a HD digital copy of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and upon a brief overview, it has become apparent (as to be expected) that a few of my assumptions were correct, and a few were WAY off.  That’s a good thing however, because discovery is the reason why i do these things!

Before launching into the nitty-gritty, this post is going to serve as a screen grab identification of each scene Tauriel appears in, allowing for the remaining posts in this series to be complete references of her timeline in the film.

Scene List

  1. Spider Battle(32:35-33:40) – self-explanatory
  2. Jailing(35:20-36:00) – placing hobbits in their cells
  3. Audience with the King(39:50-41:18) – discussion with Legolas’ dad
  4. Starlight(41:25-44:20) – scene/monologue with Kili
  5. Escape(47:20-47:50) – discovery of the hobbits basement escape
  6. Chase(50:23-55:02) – battle with orcs on the river
  7. Interrogation(1:02:14-1:03:37) – “I will GIVE IT TO YOU!” scene
  8. Rocks(1:19:12-1:20:45) – conversation with Legolas
  9. Lake Town(2:05:44-2:08:00) – all pre-healing scenes in Lake town
  10. Healing(2:09:42-2:13:55) – the ‘healing’ scenes

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Tauriel Costume Study I

Taurial - Film PosterSince the first images were revealed for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug, so many of us have been fascinated by Tauriel’s costume. Hours spent pouring over as many production and still frame photos to be found before opening day. As more evidence from photos and the film were made available, conclusions could be made about construction (based only on my own costuming and construction experience).  Since fixation on understanding seemingly innocuous detail is one of my weaknesses, my observations can be a bit weird, or even pointless.

However, on the chance that there are other like minded individuals, or perhaps there is value to the details studied, posting my findings/notes seemed like an interesting idea, just in case.  You are also all highly encouraged to view the many gorgeous, eye-candy worthy cosplay and recreations there are popping up in our geeky community.  These woman are seriously talented.

Note 1: Personal passions are more with sewing/tailoring in cloth, therefore, initial observations are concentrated on foundation items (gowns, shirts, bodices, etc.) and not so much on the leather/armour/weapon related details (boots, braces, props…)

Note 2: Now that the BluRay has been released, the plan is to get more appropriate screen captures to post.

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