Who is luNar?

Quick stats

  • name: Kim (or Kimberly if you’re my mother)
  • nickname: kimotay
  • professional name: lightholder
  • geek persona: luNar
  • day job: software engineer
  • other passions: photography, costuming, music, theatre, books, history, puzzles
  • location: San Francisco

Quick Bio

Bay area native, i’ve led a strange kind of dual life, being torn between my introverted puzzle/programming/sci-fi/fantasy/reading nature, and a love for theatre, music and ren faire which started me on my path of costuming.  From renfaires i went on to costuming for local/semi-professional theatre companies.  I majored in computer engineering, got a job for a dot-com, then got married and moved to Ireland where i spent a majority of my adult life travelling third-world countries, playing music, working for Alienware and launching a career as a freelance music photographer.

Back in the bay area and i now work as a software engineer in Silicon Valley while continuing to indulge my passions through photographing when i get a chance, making costumes for myself and friends, and playing bass in a band.

…all in pursuit of my catch phrase: “a life less ordinary”


Tumblr | http://1un4r.tumblr.com/

Instagram | http://instagram.com/1un4r

Twitter | http://twitter.com/1un4r

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