August – Visitor Round-up

Another month closes… and now we are entering Autumn! YAY!  ahem… excuse us… sorry… it’s our favourite time of year.

Anyway, it’s time to highlight all the visitors from August who not only just dropped by to say ‘hi’,  but left valuable information which furthers our community.

All efforts are made to keep archived posts accurate with new information, but in case something gets overlooked, it’s highlighted below.

We’ve said once, and we will shout it again: This site wouldn’t be nearly as accurate if it weren’t the wonderful information you all post, so please, keep commenting!  It helps everyone!

Dress Pattern

Jennifer found an alternative source for a dress pattern useful for our cosplay endeavours:

Hey there! I wanted to let you know that I found a pattern that is an almost exact match for her dress!

With some alterations, it would quite perfectly. Thank you!

Red Bra

Rachel S. has been searching for a passable ‘red-bra’ for Wanda.  She pointed us to this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.34.45 PMHEY I found (a) red bra .. worn by the scarlet witch in Age of Ultron … that is incredibly similar, it was on amazon! here is a link!

Get it in Rhubarb/Silver. It has a silly little bow on the gore, but that can easily be removed with a seam ripper! It runs a little small, but it gives the boobs the perfect shape for the character!

First info for these undergarments worn by Wanda in AOU. Thank you for the direction.


Nessa Luna started a conversation with us regarding Wanda’s ears… specifically, her right ear. We think she’s wearing an ear cuff, with a chain linking to the ‘Coops London’ hoops.

Nessa: I … noticed that she wears an ear cuff on her right ear. …

ear-r-65luNar: I noticed that TOO! But i’m having hesitation confirming it. The suspicions are based on this photo:



ear-r-95luNar: And I think it might actually be an attached chain that links to her hoop, based on this photo:



Nessa: I went through the movie to find a shot of her right side, and found one during the Wakanda scenes.


There is also this scene in Stark Tower where she’s wearing most of the red-jacket outfit where you see a hint of gold on the top of her ear. My guess is that it’s two different cuffs, because one looks gold and the other silver.

nessa1 ^^

This was an enlightening conversation that helped confirm our suspicion that Wanda has an ear cuff.  There is some mention of gold vs silver… It has yet to be determined, but we are confident that the apparent change in metal colour is simply different white-balances in the source photography, and that her earrings remain determinedly ‘silver’ coloured.


Jenn found a passable alternative for Wanda’s L4 ring (left-hand, ring 4, on pinky finger):

il_570xN.762779707_33vuHey, for Left Ring 4 I found this on Etsy! Not exactly like it, but similar enough! 🙂


Allison found a good reproduction of the talon ring (L3, right-hand, ring finger)… it is midi in size, but could potentially be altered in a pinch. We have order a few for testing purposes to see how it stands up as a true alternative… but at $3, it’s hard to pass up.

This ring I found works really well for the talon ring and is only $3!


Bexbaby found awesome black-holed tights to use.

tightsI bought these tights on Etsy and they are spot-on. I’m just going to rip a couple holes in them like she has (and cut off the top of course to make them knee socks). They are stupid expensive for tights but I couldn’t pass up the right design.


Wanda pointed us to another good resource for her combat boots:

Hi! I found another good substitute for the boots here:,cat20173,dsw12cat1100004

They’re not perfect, but they seem really close. I have a theory that they may actually be lace up ankle booties rather than combat boots because of the height of the heel. These have a tread like hers and no quilting or anything.

Cosplay Supplies

Jeanna found some sources on Etsy for completing your cosplay:

Hi! I’ve been researching this outfit to be Scarlet Witch for Halloween. Here’s what I found on Etsy:

Black bracers:

2 Necklaces:

Whole outfit:

Red Pendant:

Thank you again everyone.  Happy cosplaying!


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