Cropped photo showing Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff's long ribbon pendant from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Long Necklace Update

I thought given the observations made on a new high-res BTS photo, perhaps a more direct observation of the conclusions now made would be in order so you can all come to your own conclusions.

Here are the photos we have to judge:

From the first photo, we can assume that the large artifact on her long necklace is actually a drilled disc bead with the ribbon looped through and NOT a watch as originally thought.  It also shows clearly that there is a silver jump ring on the ribbon.

Secondly, lets examine the side photo which appears second. Below is a gallery of the notes taken.

The first photo shows the original BTS shot enlarged.  The remaining are highlights of the different elements we can observe from that photo.  Primary standard conclusions:

  • there appears to be a large metal disc as supported by the first BTS photo
  • a half-cm silver jump ring which hold the other artifacts seen in the photo

There is provided additional manipulated photos which highlight each individual element of the pendant:

  • Cyan – the jump ring as it appears in the photo holding all the other beads
  • Navy Blue – small silver disc, 1cm in diameter, threaded onto the jump ring
  • Purple – bright green bead, edged in gold, threaded onto the jump ring
  • Light Green – .75cm round ‘jade’ coloured bead, threaded onto the jump ring
  • Red – the large metal disc as it appears next to the other items

In addition, there is one extra photo that gives us a small glimpse of how the ribbon necklace is constructed. The metal disc looped into the ribbon and the jump ring with the additional beads are not one element.  The following photo illustrates how the disc is looped on its own, and the jump ring is threaded separately.

The first photo illustrates how the elements of the ribbon necklace are weighted against each other.  Look to the bright silver circle in the middle.  This is the jump ring holding the other green beads in place. Notice how the faint line of the ribbon comes into view, dips into the jump ring, then sharply goes back up? This is evidence that the jump-ring, with the green beads, is threaded separately onto the ribbon from the looped metal disc.

The breakdown of the annotated photo is as follows:

  • Yellow – the line of the ribbon as it comes down, goes through the jump-ring, and then loops back up towards the the inter-looped presence of the large metal disc (highlighted in red)
  • Cyan – the jump ring holding all the additional beads
  • Purple – the bright green bead edged in gold
  • Light Green – the jade-coloured round bead simply threaded onto the jump ring

If it isn’t clear, we will go ahead and state that the yellow line indicating the ribbon, as it goes down, loops through the jump-ring, then comes back up to the loop going through the large metal disc, indicates that the metal disc and the jump-ring containing all the additional artifacts, are in fact separate on the ribbon.

  • do a solid loop-end thread-through of the metal disc which solidly adheres the disc to the necklace.
  • Before tying off the rough ends, thread a jump-ring with all the needed green beads attached and have it separate from the initial loop of the metal disc.


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