Cropped photo showing Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff's long ribbon pendant from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Necklace NOT a clock/watch

Hello all!  I have immensely enjoyed sharing this journey with all of you.  Nothing tickles my satisfaction bone more than intricate research into a costume.

That being said, there is now a fairly important update to distribute throughout the cosplay community.

‘Watch’ Pendant with green bead

Scarlet Witch’s long ribbon pendant is NOT a clock face/watch as originally assumed.

I (and perhaps a few others i hope) mistakenly interpreted the few clear photos we had of Wanda’s long pendant to be a watch.  As seen here.

Well, a new high-res BTS photo has been released, and it quite clearly shows that in actuality, what we thought was a watch, is actually a center-drilled disc bead with the blue ribbon looped through it, perhaps contributing to the illusion of clock hands.

In addition, the beads attached to the ribbon are now more clearly understood.  There appears to be 4 artifacts on her ribbon necklace.

  • Center-drilled disc approx 1inch in diameter (ribbon looped through)
  • a single jump ring threaded onto the ribbon, containing:
  • a bright green bead with gold edging
  • a lighter jade-coloured round bead
  • a small 75mm(ish) silver disc

This new discovery certainly made me feel slightly anxious, as her pendant is an important aspect of her costume, and should be accurate. If my misinterpretation mislead anyone, i sincerely apologise. Now, at least, we know we can get it right!

There are also more details revealed on her red pendant(old post), her rings and bracelets(old post), and her earrings(old post). Next post!

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