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Scarlet Witch Earrings

Thanks to MCU Fashion, we have discovered what Scarlet Witch’s earrings are.

The earrings are made by Coops London. They are a specific type of ‘squeeze-on’ earring, consisting of a silver double loop that ‘hugs’ your earlobe.

The earrings are available in a variety of shapes (circles, bars, triangles, etc) and colours (gold, rose gold and silver).  For our purposes, it appears Scarlet Witch wears the following:

  • Plain circle style
  • Silver coloured
  • Small Circles (10mm as opposed to ‘Original’ at 11mm)

You can obtain them online from the following retailers:

In addition, we’re quite certain these would be easy to fabricate given the right beading wire.  Will have to investigate.


Scarlet Witch Cosplay Showcase – Northern Belle Rogue

Welcome back.  We are fortunate to have not only another volunteer, but a significantly ‘purposeful‘ cosplay entry to our  Tuesday Cosplay Showcase… I for one am particularly grateful she shared her cosplay experience with us. It’s a great one…

This week, we feature ‘Northern Belle Rogue‘ who not only has a nicely polished Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff cosplay from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, but is also a prolific model, actor and cosplayer with an impressive portfolio to show, as well as am impactful story…

Northern Belle Rogue Website

She was nice enough to forward photos of her cosplay, and believe me, it’s worth reading. Thank you to Northern Belle.

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Scarlet Witch Reference Consolidation

New Page: Scarlet Witch Cosplay Reference Motherload

Since this site has really been ramping up in traffic, we didn’t want any researcher to be mislead as we update all the details/observations/conclusion we have listed across… (rings and bracers jump to mind at the moment)

SO!  In an effort to make finding what you need easier, we have consolidated all the posts and notes into one quick easy reference page – labelled and linked.

happy cosplaying…

Scarlet Witch Bracers – Update!

We’ve been updating the current Scarlet Witch Costume Study post – since it’s the most popular destination on this site – with updated, more accurate observations based on new photos.

Since some visitors only view the lastest posts, we thought we’d pull your attention to detail, specifically with Scarlet Witch’s bracers.

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Scarlet Witch Cosplay Showcase – MadiElizabeth

Hello all!  I’d like to welcome everyone to a new feature we are creating, known as, Cosplay Tuesday!

Every Tuesday, this site will showcase one of you awesome cosplayers who have created a Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff cosplay from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron.

Our first feature comes from a wonderful cosplayer in (i assume…) the Washington state area, and she created a Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff cosplay for Emerald City Comic-Con 2015.  She even met Clark Gregg… uber-envy…

Madi’s Instagram

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Scarlet Witch Accessories – Rings Left-Hand

Am beginning a dive into publishing all the screen caps from the ‘net photo collection we have amassed.  Below are crops of every photo found which illustrates her rings.  We publish them here to support our own conclusions of the exact jewellery, but to also aide in your own research/ideas of how to develop your Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff Avengers 2 Age of Ultron cosplay.

Each ring will be listed as it’s own gallery below.

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Scarlet Witch Red Pendant Necklace


We have a winner!  Huge thanks to reader Vivi for pointing us in this direction:

Don’t know if anyone has mentioned yet but I’m 99% sure her red necklace is a kuchi coin with a red glass stone.

I didn’t even know about such things, and now that i’ve seen it, i’m 100% positive this is Wanda’s necklace. A kuchi coin pendant with a smooth-finished, transparent glass oval bead/jewel, non-faceted, hung on a silver cord-style chain.

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Call to Scarlet Witch Avengers cosplayers…

So many of you have contacted me mentioning that you are working on a cosplay of your own for Age of Ultron.  This seems like a perfect opportunity to place an open call to all you visitors!  I’d like to create a gallery here of all your awesome cosplays and feature each of them.

Beginner or advanced, casual or serious… take it from me, visually learning how other people interpret a costume always serves as great inspiration, and often catalyses your own ideas and imaginations.  It can also be the spark of inspiration needed to ‘finally start or finish THAT project’.

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Research help from you lovely visitors!

Hello to all of you.  We will take time today thank you guys, the visitors for all your wonderful comments, suggestions and input.  Thank you greatly… all of you have contributed something to this site.  What started as a simple project to keep a record of personal research into costume recreation has now grown into one of the top non-commercial sites in Google for searches on Wanda’s costume from Age of Ultron.  I certainly never expected that, :), nor even had that as a goal, but don’t we all feel lucky! All of you are to thank!


Additionally, I highly encourage everyone to continue providing observations and feedback.  Many of the discoveries made here are owed to your comments.

In fact, in honour of the helpfulness of you the visitors, I’d like to highlight the contributors who have faithfully been visiting, even during my recent life-enduing hiatus.

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Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Ripped Tights

Hello all!  I hope everyone has enjoyed the release of Age of Ultron.  WHOOT!

While we are still waiting on the detailed post on Scarlet Witch’s Red leather jacket construction, I wanted to highlight a fantastic comment I received from a reader, Whitney on a previous article:

Regarding the tights. Those are burnout tights and really easy to make yourself.

Cut the legs off of opaque tights. Cut random holes. Burn edges of holes with a lighter. You can get the little uneven holes by burning the tights directly (no precut hole). Randomly do both the cut/burn holes and direct burn holes until it gets holey enough.

Burning it will give you the linear holes without running.

Fantastic advice.  I have several pairs of black tights I bought for experimenting.  I’ll try out the suggestion and post the results.