Invicible Kiwi - Photo for Tuesday Cosplay Showcase of Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch Cosplay Showcase – Invincible Kiwi

Hello again.  This week for our Tuesday Cosplay Showcase, our volunteer comes from Florida, and she has an entire group of other cosplayers supporting her endeavour.

This week, we feature ‘Invicible Kiwi‘ who was able to be a part of a complete Avengers group and do something I’ve always been envious of… make children happy!

Invincible Kiwi Website

Invincible Kiwi’s Photos

(photography: Travis Photography – see note below)

Invincible Kiwi’s Story

She was nice enough to forward photos of her cosplay, and believe me, it’s worth reading. Thank you to Northern Belle.

My Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch costume was a really different experience for me, as I made the costume before the movie actually came out. My cosplay crew and I did an Avengers group at MegaCon in Orlando and had so much fun doing it. I was kind of overwhelmed putting the costume on for the first time, because it solidified that my favorite comic book character was finally going to be on the big screen very soon. The photoshoot was done in the middle of the day in Florida, where because of the heat wearing costumes becomes very difficult very fast. None of that mattered though, because we had such a great time!

When the film eventually came out, I worked with a local children’s comic convention at a screening of Age of Ultron, where I posed for photos with other local cosplayers. The looks on kids’ faces when they walked out of the theater and saw me was amazing, and the amount of little girls that came up to myself and another cosplayer who was Black Widow to tell us how much we inspired them made us tear up. However, because I was dressed up, I had the movie spoiled for me on accident by moviegoers before I got to see it! Yes, THAT scene. I cried during the movie, and had to pose for photos again immediately afterwards! At least my makeup looked accurate.

Cosplay Questions

Where did you debut your cosplay:  MegaCon 2015 in Orlando, Florida, a month before Age of Ultron came out in the US!

How long did it take you:  It took a while (a couple months of looking at Italian paparazzi sites, actually) to compile reference photos, as I worked on the costume in the early spring before there were official photos released. The costuming itself took about a week.

What sort of materials did you use:   I used a lot of bought and altered materials from thrift stores, as well as extra fabric I had left over from other costumes.

How did you find your resources:  This costume involved lots of research and shopping trips! I also asked my costuming friends for their opinions and ideas on colors and materials.

What was the most challenging part of the project/process:  Dying the jacket! The material wouldn’t take the dyes I was using well, and after 2 dye baths that barely stained it I wound up using two different kinds of spray dye to get the gradient.

What are you most proud of:  Wearing this costume in a fun Avengers group with one of my good friends as Quicksilver. We have personalities similar to the characters, so getting to pose for photos was really special.

What made you choose this costume: I’ve cosplayed Wanda Maximoff before, because she’s my favorite comic character! I really identify with her and the Avengers runs that feature her are my favorite comics. One of the other costumes I’ve made was the costume she wears in the artist George Perez’s run on The Avengers, and he got really excited when he saw me at DragonCon in Atlanta and loved my costume. I have a lot of awesome memories from cosplaying Scarlet Witch. 🙂

May people contact you with questions:   Anytime!

Invincible Kiwi Links


Thank you Invincible Kiwi for sharing your story with us!

If any of you would like to be featured in our Cosplay Tuesdays, feel free to contact us!

Happy sewing/fabrication!

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