Photo for the Tuesday Cosplay Showcase - NOrthern Belle Rogue as Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch Cosplay Showcase – Northern Belle Rogue

Welcome back.  We are fortunate to have not only another volunteer, but a significantly ‘purposeful‘ cosplay entry to our  Tuesday Cosplay Showcase… I for one am particularly grateful she shared her cosplay experience with us. It’s a great one…

This week, we feature ‘Northern Belle Rogue‘ who not only has a nicely polished Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff cosplay from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, but is also a prolific model, actor and cosplayer with an impressive portfolio to show, as well as am impactful story…

Northern Belle Rogue Website

She was nice enough to forward photos of her cosplay, and believe me, it’s worth reading. Thank you to Northern Belle.

Northern Belle Rogue’s Photos

Northern Belle Rogue’s Story

I was lucky enough to get to see the Pre-Screening of AOU the Thursday night thanks to my good friend Sean Ward. As I sat in the theatre and Scarlet Witch came on screen I found myself thinking “check, check, check… I don’t have those boots”. After reaching out to a couple of friends I located a pair, and super excited I set up to do my photo shoot. Really, I had wanted to cosplay Pietro, but since I had all the costume pieces why not?

Saturday morning I leisurely took my time getting into make up and the costume. Once I had finished and we were about ready to shoot my phone went off. Checking the text, I had just received a message that one of my good friends had passed away. I was shocked, I’ve never dealt with death before (a fact for which I count myself fortunate). My partner tried to hug me, and my instant response, “Don’t touch me.” I just stood there starring at my phone.

“Do you want to cancel the shoot?” The Cajun, my photographer asked, and I looked at him with tears in my eyes… “No, I want to nail one fucking pose.”

(If you haven’t seen Avengers 2 AOU the paragraph between the dotted lines contains a spoiler)

highlight to read

If you’ve seen the movie, you probably already know what moment I’m talking about by looking at the photo. If you haven’t, have no plans to or don’t mind spoilers; in this film this character’s twin brother dies. The moment he does, she feels it and releases her powers in a large blast around her. There would be no better time to recreate this moment and to not only mirror Wanda’s sorrow and rage but channel my own.

We set the camera in a high shutter speed and rather than “posing” I cried. I screamed. I grieved. Afterwards I relayed the story to a friend of mine, Soul Design, who put this edit on the photo. At the time I felt uneasy. Unsure of whether or not I should share such personal information with the world. I felt I might be cheapening my friend’s passing and taking advantage of it. I had to remind myself, this wasn’t something I set out to do, this was happen stance and circumstance and a whole lot of timing. The more I thought about, the more certain I became that this had all come out the way it did and when it did for a reason. Furthermore after I shared the story to my Northern Belle Rogue cosplay page, the responses I had received were both beautiful and overwhelming.

Without this cosplay and this process I’m not sure how I would have worked though my emotions and this experience. It still hurts, and of course I will always miss my friend. At least now I have a work of art that will always keep them close. Art is therapy and regardless of what others may say cosplay is art.”

Cosplay Questions

Where did you debut your cosplay:  Photo shoot only at this point in time

How long did it take you:  24 hours?

What sort of materials did you use:  assembled pieces I already had

How did you find your resources:  My closet

What was the most challenging part of the project/process:  Finding the boots

What are you most proud of:  The resulting image, a memorial to my dear friend.

What made you choose this costume: Random circumstance

Do you have a website:

May people contact you with questions:   they can contact me via facebook 🙂

Northern Belle Rogue Links


Northern Belle Cosplay – Rogue Benjamin
Actor. Model. Combat. Cosplay. Charity Events.


Thank you Rogue for your story, your journey and your photos.  Your inspiration coupled with the creative talent around you has lead itself to an impressive art piece for Scarlet Witch.  Thank you for sharing it with us.


If any of you would like to be featured in our Cosplay Tuesdays, feel free to contact us!


Happy sewing/fabrication!



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