Photo of William Katt from Big Wow Comic Fest 2014

Call to Scarlet Witch Avengers cosplayers…

So many of you have contacted me mentioning that you are working on a cosplay of your own for Age of Ultron.  This seems like a perfect opportunity to place an open call to all you visitors!  I’d like to create a gallery here of all your awesome cosplays and feature each of them.

Beginner or advanced, casual or serious… take it from me, visually learning how other people interpret a costume always serves as great inspiration, and often catalyses your own ideas and imaginations.  It can also be the spark of inspiration needed to ‘finally start or finish THAT project’.

Come one everyone!  Please! Send us your photos.  I’ll create a gallery and category just for you guys.


…and as a show of good faith (eeek!), I’ll even offer up my own slight foray into the Wanda cosplay fun.

Big Wow Comic Fest 2014, San Jose, CA

Way back when, a year ago last April, i took my niece to the con in San Jose.  That was a fun event.  There was a Heroes of Cosplay reunion, and I met William Katt!!

(the group photos are not mine, they belong to very talented photographers i scoped on the ‘net, but since its been a year, I can’t remember who they are… but thank you photographers. 🙂 )

This was at a time when the only peak we had of Wanda was from the leaked set photos of filming with Jeremey Renner that had only been out a couple weeks.  That was actually right around when this site started.

Wanting to go to the Con with my niece (I dressed her up in my Gaz cosplay, which turned out to be a hit, even though she’s never watched Invader Zim), i pulled together a cosplay from my closet:

  • black chiffon button dress (luckily bought in the hopes of creating a post about altering existing dresses for Wanda)
  • textured thigh-high stockings (pre-owned)
  • black emo combat boots (pre-owned)
  • rings/midi-rings galoure (pre-owned)
  • collection of grunge/gothy bracelets from Hot Topic (pre-owned)
  • chunky 18” necklace as ‘red pendant’ sub (pre-owned)
  • my ‘One Ring’ replica threaded onto 1/8” ribbon and tied to a spare 18” chain (on the spot fabrication)
  • cut-off cuffs from my husband’s black socks as ‘bracers’ (on the spot fabrication)
  • rough black nail polish job (really rough)
  • a red bra that no one can see… by design 🙂
  • AND… an old red cardigan as a leather jacket stand-in (pre-owned)
  • …oh… and…
  • messy black bed-head hair that i should not have pinned back, but it was bugging me

The thing in the photos that looks like a black choker is actually my lanyard tossed quickly to my back per event organiser’s group suggestion.

Posting these is a hope to communicate to everyone that cosplays don’t have to be perfect.  There’s not a single item in the above outfit that was wholly accurate, however, when the elements come together, the costume can take form.  A number of people recognised it, including the Marvel group organiser, who defended my right to be in the photo when a number of other people gave me strange looks. 🙂 Wanda’s costume was not common knowledge at that point.

So come one everyone!  Send us your photos!


Perhaps I should start a Wanda Cosplay showcase of the week? That would be fun!!!!



6 thoughts on “Call to Scarlet Witch Avengers cosplayers…”

    1. Thank you! Can I contact you for more info to use as a Cosplay Tuesday? I unfortuantely missed yesterday… 😦


      1. Yeah you can any time, I can also consolidate all my references for bought items. Though you have most of them in one way or another.


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