Doctor Who’s Idris Fabric for The Doctor’s Wife Cosplay

Hello everyone! As promised, there is still have a study of Wanda’s jacket on the way, and continuation of Tauriel’s wardrobe from The Hobbit. In the meantime however, I have switched gears to finish my own cosplays which we’ll detail soon, as this year, I am lucky enough to be meeting my best friend at Dragon Con!  I’ve never been, I’m super excited.

Anyway, while picking up some last minute items at Joann’s, this fabric (below) popped up in the brocade section. Immediately, it became clear that this is a wonderful stand-in for the pattern of Idris’s bodice from the Neil Gaiman episode of Doctor Who, ‘The Doctor’s Wife‘.


We can see the listing for this fabric on here. Don’t let the screen shot excite you too much, it’s actually bright-yellow-gold in real life as seen in the diptych above. This however is the first, readily available fabric I’ve seen that is a passable foundation for creating Idris’s costume.  Even though it’s bright-yellow, it can definitely be dyed into a passable aged silver/grey as seen in her costume.

At the time, in 2011, a number of costumers were lucky enough to find this actual fabric or something similar. There’s even a screen-printed recreation being sold. Three years later however, since fabric styles change like fashion, there hasn’t been anything available that I’ve come across until this we found this.

…anyway, I’m excited. How about you?

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