Cropped photo showing Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff's large silver ring on her ring-finger right-hand from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch – Large Silver Ring at Old Navy


For those of you who asked me, the ring I found at old navy was still there yesterday.

In addition, I found some other rings that could serve as her left hand Index primary, the gold ring with the black disc.

5 thoughts on “Scarlet Witch – Large Silver Ring at Old Navy”

  1. Hi! I’m putting together a (less detailed, ridiculously cheap) Scarlet Witch cosplay for an upcoming con and your blog has been just SUCH an awesome resource! I was wondering if you had any ideas yet on the jacket? I’m completely stumped and apparently red-ombres aren’t really ‘in’ right now in terms of clothing, because I can’t find anything like it anywhere.


    1. Well, the answer to that depends on where your interests are I suppose. I’m actually working on a project of taking standard red ‘leather’ upholstery vinyl from Joann’s and making it as similar to her jacket as possible, as a sort of ‘every man’s avengers jacket on a budget’. I can give you those details directly since a post on it is probably a few weeks off.

      On the other hand, not everyone is into fabrication. If you are the latter, my two suggestions would be…

      1) stalk Ross/Marshall’s/tjmax/etc for any kind of heavy weight red jacket doesn’t have to leather) and do the ombré yourself. You can even Frankenstein the sleeves (rough cut them off, who will really notice?) and then do either a very light-handed black shoe leather rub into the bottom of the jacket (which you then wipe off) or, if it’s more cloth based, you can dilute black ink or acrylic paint into a spray water bottle and spritz layers of darkness slowly until you get the look you want…


      2) do what I did when I first cosplayed this char at comic-wow in San Jose. I used a red cardigan from my closet and pushed up the sleeves. Believe it or not, the people at that time that were familiar with the leaked set photos recognized it instantly, even thought it wasn’t a leather jacket.

      Hope some of this helps. I’ll try to rush my post, but in the meantime, don’t be afraid to improvise. If you achieve the basic silhouette and color scheme, is will always be recognizable to anyone who knows the source material.

      Good luck!


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