Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 Costume Sketch

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Dress Construction

So back to Scarlet Witch’s black dress from Avengers 2.  In the previous post, the screen captures help outline the observable details, so let’s put all the notes together into a sketch to help better illustrate the dress’s basic construction. In addition, there are some thoughts at the bottom of the post on some patterns to help the construction process along.

I should preface all this with the statement that I am by no means a very good artist.

Above are 2 different croquis sketches created to map out the seams and stitch lines for the dress without the jacket.


sketch-detailNotesBHere is an annotated version of the sketch which highlights the different details we’ve been following with links to the supporting screen captures below:

  1. turned out collar (a | b)
  2. black inner seam (a | b)
  3. single exposed button (b)
  4. stitch line for enclosed buttons (c)
  5. inset dropped gathered waist (c | d | e)
  6. embroidery at shoulder (b)
  7. blue polka-dot lining (a | b)
  8. glimpse of red bra (b)
  9. unknown sleeve style
  10. gathered seam scoops down (d | e)

Enlargement of Details

Pattern Ideas

For those of you not willing to forge into the realm of construction without direction, we’ll look at a couple possibilities for patterns. The chances of finding an exact pattern are slim, so we’ll focus on finding one that provides a good basis that you can alter.  Any dress pattern that has the following criteria will work:

  • full length button-front closure
  • no in-set waist seam (since we’ll add our own around the hips, we need a smooth waistline)
  • no princess seams (the side curving seams that usually go up to the bust, or beyond)

Oddly, there seems to be a huge deficit with regards to this kind of dress on all 4 major pattern companies.  Perhaps it’s not in fashion right now.

In my own stash, i have old pattern from Vogue circa 1996 (Vogue 1589) that would work brilliantly with some adjustments on the sleeves (too wide) and the neckline (too low), however searching for this pattern on the internet revealed that even this obscure pattern is not being currently offered by any collectors.  Perhaps some time down the road, I’ll whip this pattern out and see how ‘usable’ it is with the intention of publishing the pattern pieces online.

Alternatively, there is a pattern from McCall’s that fits our criteria and would probably be a good place to start.  McCalls’s 6520, which features everything we’re looking for – front button closure, smooth waistline, no princess seams.  Definitely go for view C (short sleeve) or D (long sleeve) and NOT view A or B, as these have raglan sleeves and a too wide a collar.  View C and D does feature a folded collar, however judging by the sketches, it would be quite easy to make this dress omitting this collar since it’s a separate piece, leaving a perfect high banded collar in it’s place.  The only other steps to take would be inserting the dropped gathered waist at the hipline.  In a future post, we’ll discuss how that’s done for anyone who might be unsure on the method.  You will also need to change the sleeves a bit, unless you’re willing to roll the sleeves up to not be seen from beneath the jacket.

Alas, exhaustive searches through fabrics have not yielded a single black chiffon with the right pattern/texture to emulate Scarlet Witch.  We’ll keep looking, but if anyone else out there has any ideas, please let me know.

10 thoughts on “Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Dress Construction”

  1. Oh my goodness! I’ve been plotting my own SW costume replica since these photos were leaked, and last night I went to JoAnns, trawled through all the patterns, and finally picked out 2 McCalls patterns. Including 6520! I’m so pleased to see you include it as a good option, especially when this is my first foray into cosplay. I’ll be following the rest of your posts with interest.


    1. Awesome! I’ve been doing the same thing, however i’ve been intimidated by the jacket as I’m sure its custom-made… As you can see, if haven’t even finished my detail post on the jacket. 🙂 It’s coming though.

      Please do post photos of your own progress, I LOVE to see how other costumers are solving common problems.



    1. Obviously i am not 100% certain, not having seen it with my own eyes, however, based on my own sewing/fabric/photography/costuming experience, i can say with 99% certainty… it’s definitely black. 🙂


  2. In terms of the fabric, I’ve found something kinda similar but not exact:

    The fabric’s dotted texture is slightly more spread out in both designs however.

    This stemmed from a search for dotted swiss organza used in wedding dresses so I believe there will be this sort of fabric in other materials- possibly chiffon.

    I’m attempting my first cosplay with SW and your research on this blog is incredible! Hope this fabric helps in some way 🙂


      1. Oooo, thank you! Perfect! That site has a fantastic detail shot of the bracelets on her right hand, as well providing a really good guide for the seam lines in her jacket.

        Wonderful find. Thank you again. I’m taking full advantage of her photos for furthered research/reference.


    1. You’ve gotten further than I have in finding suitable alternatives to her fabric. Thank you for the links!

      And good luck with your cisplay, please send photos! You sound like a costumer. 🙂


    1. Thank you for the kind words, I’m super glad you find it useful.

      And GREAT find on the pattern. Create a hidden button seam (with an extra edge fold), down-set the waist line towards the centre with extra rouching(sp?), remove the collar, remove the pockets… that could actually work better than the McCalls’s 6520 pattern I’d originally listed –

      If you give it a try, please let us know how it works for you. Photos are highly encouraged. 🙂 Good luck!


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