Tauriel Costume Study II – Scene Breakdown

Hello everyone.  As promised, I have a HD digital copy of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and upon a brief overview, it has become apparent (as to be expected) that a few of my assumptions were correct, and a few were WAY off.  That’s a good thing however, because discovery is the reason why i do these things!

Before launching into the nitty-gritty, this post is going to serve as a screen grab identification of each scene Tauriel appears in, allowing for the remaining posts in this series to be complete references of her timeline in the film.

Scene List

  1. Spider Battle(32:35-33:40) – self-explanatory
  2. Jailing(35:20-36:00) – placing hobbits in their cells
  3. Audience with the King(39:50-41:18) – discussion with Legolas’ dad
  4. Starlight(41:25-44:20) – scene/monologue with Kili
  5. Escape(47:20-47:50) – discovery of the hobbits basement escape
  6. Chase(50:23-55:02) – battle with orcs on the river
  7. Interrogation(1:02:14-1:03:37) – “I will GIVE IT TO YOU!” scene
  8. Rocks(1:19:12-1:20:45) – conversation with Legolas
  9. Lake Town(2:05:44-2:08:00) – all pre-healing scenes in Lake town
  10. Healing(2:09:42-2:13:55) – the ‘healing’ scenes

Screen Captures

Spider Battle

Spider Battle Scene


Jailing Scene

Audience with the King

Audience with the King


Scene with Kili


Basement Scene

River Battle

River Battle


Orc Scene


On the Rocks scene

Lake Town

Lake Town


Healing Scene

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