Cropped photo showing Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff's black dress from Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Dress Details

I had started a series of entries to examine Scarlet Witch’s costume for the new Avengers 2 movie Age of Ultron, based on observations from leaked set photos.  In the previous entry, all her accessories, boots, braces and other small items are examined.  In this post, we’ll jump into the black dress she’s wearing.

Above we have the best photos with the most resolution released of the filming so far.  It gives a basic idea of the dress she’s wearing, and by examining a few details from other photos, we can get an idea as to its construction.


Based on the translucent glimpses seen, it’s a safe assumption that the dress is made from black chiffon, or maybe some kind of stretch mesh.  If you look very closely, a dotted texture can be seen in the weave.  Its unclear if this is a raised texture, or simply a flat printed/thread colour-based pattern.  I’d go with raised texture as that fabric choice would add more dimension to her dress, from a costuming stand point.


The dress itself opens in the front, worn with the first 2 buttons undone and the collar pulled open to reveal the lining detail.  More on the detail further down in the post.  The basic description for construction is as follows:

  • knee-length
  • full length button front closure
  • hidden buttons (photo 1) with
  • one black button exposed in closure at the chest (photo 2)
  • inset dropped gathered waist (photo 3 | photo 5)
  • inset waist stops 5-8in from the front closure on either side (photo 4)
  • presumably a black lining
  • sleeves unknown

So, a few things about this dress. The buttons are an assumption, based on the few ‘pull’ tension spots in the fabric from various action photos.  They would be hidden in an enclosed edge seam (photo 1).  There is however one black button (photo 2) clearly added to the outside, and it’s the last button ‘closed’ on the dress, near her bra.  The rest of the dress up to the neckline is pulled open.  I’d also guess, based on the perfect looking fold-over in the fabric leading up from the button (photo 2), that this dress had it’s neckline pressed open and is tacked down.


Now for the few last finishing touches that make this dress what it is.  Without knowing what the sleeves look like, we can only focus on the remaining obvious flourishes.

  • Lining – steele blue cotton(?) with white polka dots
  • hint of embroidery detail on the top portion of the dress, in white and matching blue thread

It should be noted that the blue of the lining, the flash of blue in the embroidery and the ribbon extension in her clock pendant are all the same colour. Probably a costumer’s nod to her relationship with her twin, Quicksilver, who appears to be wearing the same blue.  Given their history in the comics, its not surprising Scarlet Witch would honour her brother in her clothing. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Dress Details”

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this!!!!!

    it’s going to make my cosplaying so much easier 🙂


  2. ok, so i’m trying to get my costume together and I can’t seem to find a decent materia for the lining of the dress…..anyone have any ideas as to what fabric it is or where I could purchase it?


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