Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 Costume

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Source Images

It occurred to me as i was looking over the last post, that I did not include the many images i’ve collected to do this research.

Important Note: These images are not mine. They are sources from many different location across the net, and I don’t claim any as mine.

Current Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 Photo Collection

8 thoughts on “Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Source Images”

  1. I’m really glad to have found your site. I’ve been working on a Scarlet Witch costume for Dragon Con. And this has helped me identify the accessories. But one question–is her finger nail polish deep red or black?


    1. I was certain it’s black, however, I had actually assumed it was black without giving it any further thought. You raise an interesting question. I’ll have to go through some of the sunlight source photos more closely. Will let you know if it appears to be red instead. 🙂

      Thanks for the inquiry, i like studying things more closely. 🙂


  2. Hi! Just thought I’d let you guys know about this website here: which has photos of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver costumes on display at the El Capitane Theatre in Hollywood- there’s a lot of close up detail that got lost in some of the movie screen caps which is great 😀 Your blog has been so helpful for my own Wanda cosplay, thanks so much for all the effort that’s gone into it!


    1. You’re welcome! And thank you greatly for the link! What fabulous reference photos, especially with deconstructing her red jacket. It’s been a bit of a pain so far. 🙂

      Good luck with your costume. Please send photos, would love to see them, and even share if you’re willing.


  3. I am loving all these details!! Thank you so much for putting all this together. It’s just an amazing thing, and has been incredibly helpful to me thus far. I found a photo to add to your collection, and though it looks altered to be more like an artist’s rendition, I’m fairly certain it was originally a photo of the real costume. It’s got some good detail in it!

    Again, thank you so much! Hopefully sometime soon, I’ll get to add my cosplay to the picture-sharing page on here!


    1. Huh. That was definately photo originally. Whats interesting is that it looks like a studio character shot, probably from the series the marketing department used to make the movie posters. So the question is, where did the end-user that created that photo manip get the production photo from??? Its a mystery!!!!! 🙂


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