Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Costume Study

UPDATE: As more details become available, we try to maintain the conclusions as accurately as possible. To that end, a new page has been created, which logs all the current research.  Please find it here.

Oh, Wanda, Wanda, Wanda.  You’ve been my favourite mutant for so long.  Well, you and Kitty Pryde, but that’s not what this post is about.  So long have i wanted to dress up like you, but… and i’m ashamed to admit it… i’ve never really liked your costume.  Red and pink… uhhhh.  I was not blessed with a body that could effectively pull off her Ultimate Universe costume.  Xmen Evolution was cool, but as I am not a 15 year old girl, it didn’t quite have the draw to motivate me enough to make it.

There is her House of M gown which is gorgeous, but that’s a cosplay for another post… *wink*

LOVE LOVE LOVE her new Uncanny Avengers dress, and the second I saw it, I filed it away in my brain on my cosplay wish-list.

Scarlet Witch Avengers 2But then… magic happened.  Magic in the form of leaked set photos from the filming of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. The film which Joss Whedon in his brilliance decided to include Scarlet Witch and finally let our gorgeous awesome mutant/avenger take form in the real world.  I saw her costume, and it clicked.  “AWESOME!  I could actually wear that to work!!”

(I should note that as a geeky computer programmer who buries her head in her laptop and is continually thought of as ‘nice’ but ‘weird’, i can actually get away with wearing just about anything to work… and I have.  Fairy gown and Mother Gothel top the list of many strange things I’ve worn into the office.)

So, let’s dive in.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time collecting as many photos as can be found and studying them for any minor detail which can be ascertained. The following is my own brain dump of observation as this cosplay starts to take shape.


More detailed photos are below, but just from this main fairly-ok resolution photo, we can get a pretty clear list of her ensemble. More detail on the minutia of each component further down the post.

A large majority of her costume is quite straightforward with a high degree of accuracy.  There are really only 3 things I’m still not 100% sure on:

  1. a few pieces of jewellery, specifically her bracelets and the rings on her left hand
  2. the sleeves of her black dress (no photos with her jacket off)
  3. the exact construction of her jacket, but drawn assumptions and conclusions seem pretty close

Since the jacket is the most involved component, i’m getting the easier to examine items out of the way first, from the bottom up.


These are all items in her costume other than the jacket, and her black dress.


bootsObviously, these are standard combat boots worn half laced with the laces wrapped around the ankles.  The boots themselves have the following traits:

  • black leather
  • 1 – 1 1/2 inch heel
  • rounded toe
  • NO side zipper

You’d think plain combat boots such as these would be easy to find, however, a few rather involved internet searches have still not revealed exactly what boots they are.  The lack of side zipper and the rounded toe would make me think they might be male boots, but I’ve never seen a male boot with a heel that high. If anyone knows what kind of boots these are, PLEASE let me know. 🙂


She’s actually wearing 2 pair of thigh-highs, a black opaque ‘holed’ pair on top, and a black sheer pair with a run in them underneath.

As thoughts of the right way to take scissors to a pair of tights ran through my mind, it occurred to me that not only are those holes a little too perfect, but that costumers, even professional ones, will use pre-fab when ever they can get away with it (think famous cheap-ladies-razor-turned-communicator for star wars ep1, only in costume form), and i thought, ‘i’ll bet she bought those somewhere while research-shopping for the wardrobe’.  Sure enough, the clerk at my local Hot Topic said they used to have those in stock.  An internet search has lead me to believe the Scarlet Witch is actually wearing Women’s rip torn gothic black tights from Dysfunctional Doll, cut-off and pulled just over the knee instead of all the way up.

The second pair worn underneath can really be any old set of sheer stockings, with a run down the outside right leg. When choosing these stockings, try to go for a more ‘soft’ black, or a loose weave.  The more dark black sheer stockings will probably be too dark since they aren’t being stretched as far as intended.

UPDATE – A commenter left a helpful-hint for fabrication: follow me.


Scarlet Witch’s bracers appear to be custom-made leather cuffs tapering toward the wrist and flaring slightly as it meets her hand.  The gold zipper closure is actually inset opposite the way you’d think.  it’s base is towards her hand, with the zipper closing up her arm.  In the zipper photos above, you can clearly see the zipper-head at the top of the zipper-teeth, instead of the bottom.  It’s likely constructed this way to accommodate an opening in the narrow wrist portion to slip her hand through, while still allowing the bottom edge to be ‘locked’ closed. Plus it looks cool.

UPDATE – new photos show 2 additional notes.  This photo (last in gallery) illustrates an opposite side inset seam (probably to adjust for fit), and this photo (2nd last in gallery) clearly shows a 1/8” black ribbon lopp insert into the sipper-head that is not photographically evident on the left-hand bracer.

  • black leather (or ‘fake leather’)
  • 10-12 inches long
  • tapering toward the wrist
  • flare over the hand
  • trimmed with 5in gold zipper closure going the opposite direction
  • left-arm bracer has 1/8” black ribbon looped and knotted through the zipper head
  • no evidence for ribbon loop on the right-arm bracer

It should be noted, based on the ‘look’ of the leather in different shots, it’s possible these are made from a faux-leather garment fabric, not unlike the many faux black leathers you can find at your local Joann’s which are quite soft.

The zipper I’m guessing is a commonly found item at fabric stores.  I couldn’t find the item listed on Joann’s website, however, if you visit your local store, you will see in the zipper section, a small selection of ‘fashion’ zippers which are used more for detail than functionality.  I found the perfect 5 inch gold zipper right there, without even knowing such things were made.



UPDATE – New photos and commenter related evidence have vastly effected the accuracy of this section.  Until we can fully update, please refer to the most recent posts for all new Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff Avengers2 Age of Ultron cosplay costume notes.

Scarlet Witch wears 2 necklaces.  One standard necklace with a kuchi coin pendant, and a second disc/bead pendant on an extension.

First Red Necklace

The first pendant appears to be:

This particular pendant is not manufactured. It is a ‘found‘ item from artisans in the cultural markets of Afganistan, however, they pop all the time on Etsy.

However, fabricating something similar could be quite easy.  I’ll go into the process I used in the next post as inspiration for anyone else who may want to try it. You’d basically need:

  • Translucent/glass red oval bead/jewel
    • have seen many in independent bead stores
    • also can be found in the glass/tile mosaic section (in large quantities) at Michaels or Joanns. (wrong colour, but just to give you an idea of what to look for)
  • gold bail
  • flat round object, half-dollar coin sized
    • could be fabricated from Sculpty
    • could use existing kuchi coin (which are more easily found)
  • gold-coloured setting to hold the glass bead
    • could be fabricated using sculty
    • could be flat gold-coloured ribbon wire, soldered into place

Second clock pendant necklace Second Long Necklace (Updated)

For more detailed information on the long necklace, see this post – Long Necklace Update.

The second necklace is a really awesome example of what I expect was spur of the moment costumer adjustment.  Around her neck, you can see a the necklace chain, but it’s been extended by a ribbon that matches the detail of her black dress. More on the dress later. First the specifics:

  • plain antiqued gold chain-link chain, around 14inches
  • 1/4inch steel-blue stain ribbon, around 30inchs long, knotted into the open chain
  • 1 1/4inch wide center-drilled disc pendant, flat-coloured metal looped individually onto the ribbon
  • jump ring which holds the remaining items of the necklace:
    • bright green bead with gold edged detail
    • jade-coloured plain round bead
    • 1cm diameter silver disc bead

It’s this necklace ‘extension’ detail that i absolutely love. it adds texture and dimension to her accessories, and was probably a last-minute organic fix when the costumer wasn’t completely pleased with where the pendant was hanging. In the last photo, you can clearly see it’s a ribbon extension by the way it’s twisted, and the first photo of the red pendant shows the knot in the ribbon where it attaches to the open chain.

The other items are still rough guesses, but it has become quite clear that aside from the large center-drilled disc, there is a jumpring holding 3 other items. For recreation purposes, any 2 green beads with a silver disc mounted on a jump pin and threaded next to the large disc will do fine. For more detailed information on her long necklace pendant construction, please visit this post – Long Necklace Update.


UPDATE – New photos and commenter related evidence have vastly effected the accuracy of this section.  Until we can fully update, please refer to the most recent posts for all new Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff Avebgers2 Age of Ultron cosplay costume notes.

Scarlet Witch wears 8 rings, 4 on each hand. The rings on her right hand are fairly ok to identify, but her left hand is remarkably under-documented, so I can only guess.

Right Hand

On her right hand, she wears 2 rings on her index finger, one on her ring finger, and one on her pinky. Fortunately, her right hand looks well documented from the limited photos we have.

  • RH Ring 1 (top index finger) – small antique gold ring with a ‘black'(?) disc for it’s embellishment
  • RH Ring 2 (base index finger) – red ring with a gold front
  • RH Ring 3 (ring finger) – large-sized silver ring
  • RH Ring 4 (pinky finger) – small thin silver ring

New in-depth analysis of her right-hand rings coming soon.  In the meantime:

  • RH Ring 1 (base index finger) – plain round red ring, with a ‘painted’ gold embellisment 1cm wide on the front.
  • RH Ring 2 (index midi ring) – small antiqued-siliver colour, crescent moon, pointing towards hand
  • RH Ring 3 (ring finger) – large silver ring, which flares into 3 bands
  • RH Ring 4 (pinky finger) – small thin plain silver ring

Left Hand

Now for her left hand.  From every photo i sorted through, I found only 2 that had any reliable documentation of what the rings looked like. I’m also making an educated guess that the pixel peaks in the photo near the base of her pinky is probably an indication of 4th ring, although, I’m not positive.

  • Ring 1 (index finger) – silver ring
  • Ring 2 (top middle finger) – thin ring with front detail
  • Ring 3 (ring finger) – another silver ring, possibly with set stones
  • Ring 4 (pinky) – thin silver ring

New in-depth analysis of Scarlet Witch’s left-hand rings can be found here.

For a quick summary:

  • LH Ring 1 (index finger) – double stacked silver twist
  • LH Ring 2 (midi middle finger) – small arrowhead
  • LH Ring 3 (ring finger) – silver crow/raven foot wrap style ring
  • LH Ring 4 (pinky) – thin gold ring with a red center bead, flaked by 2 smaller gold ‘beads’


UPDATE – New photos and commenter related evidence have vastly effected the accuracy of this section.  Until we can fully update, please refer to the most recent posts for all new Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff Avebgers2 Age of Ultron cosplay costume notes.

Unfortunately, her bracelets are mostly covered by her bracers with just a few details poking out in random photos.  Here are the few things that can be known for sure.

Right Hand

On the right hand, there appears to be 3 bracelets, potentially 4.  This assumption is based on the following observations:

  • a red bracelet with a centered green gem in a gold trim/setting
  • a black knotted/jump-ring closure bracelet (closure can be seen on the left-side of second photo)
  • a bar/ring closure clasp – (center of second photo) – attached to what?
  • a hint of blue, indicating another bracelet, or bracelet attached to the closure listed above  (seen in first and third photo)

The red bracelet gives me instinctual visions of an embroidery thread wrapped-bracelet with a ‘bead’ threaded in the centre. The black bracelet could really be anything, but a similar bracelet i bought at Hot Topic has the exact same ‘clasp’ closure indicated in the photo, I will elaborate in an upcoming post. The bar/ring closure stumps me as I don’t know what it’s attached to, perhaps it’s the glimpses of blue seen in the other photos.

Left Hand

The left hand is severely lacking in detail. There are a few photos, but they don’t give much indication of what she has on, so there are only 2 conclusions I can draw: there is one red bracelet, probably another embroidery thread wrapped-style, and a silver bracelet, leading to the ‘peaks’ in the photos… perhaps a ‘tennis’ bracelet of some sort. We can only draw inaccurate assumptions until more high red photos become available.


Earrings ViewThanks to MCU Fashion, we have discovered what Scarlet Witch’s earrings are.  They are a silver double loop, made by Coops London, that actually ‘squeeze’ onto your earlobe.

For info here.


Red Bra

Red BraThere is a glimpse of a deep red/scarlet coloured bra underneath her dress, and since it’s so obviously shown, I’m including it as part of her costume.




to be continued…


44 thoughts on “Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 – Costume Study”

  1. Hello, I’m also planning on cosplaying Scarlet Witch and I was wondering what you think the jacket is most similar too. The hard part of me is not finding the red jacket but also that it is 3/4 sleeve and the ombre black dye on the bottom parts. Note: also kinda broke so my venues are cheap ebay bids. Thoughts?


    1. Go for the feel of it. Red pleather moto jacket front zip, full sleeve works. Cut the pleather further than you want it to go by at least an inch on your arms and get a dark red elastic cuff to go on it.

      For an ombre look, black shoe polish on the bottom half of it.

      This gets my full recommendation, plus my buy. Black rivet makes good jackets and end if you don’t hack the sleeves (Which I may not cause it has zips and looks nice) you can un zip them and slide them up the arms if you have enough room. Totally dying the liner though zig zag doesn’t hit the feel I want.


  2. Insane analysis!! I can’t believe I’ve been lucky enough to find so much useful info here like the pretty sketches of what her dress could look like. It’s something I’ve struggled to find because the sleeve area is hidden underneath her jacket. I have an AAOU wanda cosplay on my tumblr

    Thought mine looked pretty complete until I saw this website and realised I’ve missed out so much detail haha. Thanks a lot! x


    1. You’re cosplay is fantastic!!! As is the way with ‘real-world clothing ‘ based cosplay, it’s extremely hard to get it exactly right. So the best option is to target color scheme and silhouette, which you have done beautifully!

      Please post more photos of you can. 🙂


  3. im going as scarlet witch when going to the first showing of the new avengers film!!! this was super helpful! as for the earrings i was going to make my own using gold wire and a tiny earing backing hopefully this works.


    1. Awesome! Please send or post somewhere some pics of how they turn out. I actually hadn’t considered fabricating them since they seemed so simple. HOWEVER, simple is usually the easiest fabrication project.

      Good luck, please send along photos of you costume! Would love to see it.



  4. Regarding the tights. Those are burnout tights and really easy to make yourself.

    Cut the legs off of opaque tights. Cut random holes. Burn edges of holes with a lighter. You can get the little uneven holes by burning the tights directly (no precut hole). Randomly do both the cut/burn holes and direct burn holes until it gets holey enough.

    Burning it will give you the linear holes without running.

    Also, I think the “blue” on the inside of the v-neck is an optical illusion. It looks to me like sheer lace or chiffon overlay sewn in. The white on black is giving it a funny color cast.

    Finally, in pictures that have come out recently there is a more sheer (ish) top dress (the one you describe) and an under dress or slip.

    In any case, thanks for the great job, especially with the jewelry…its been extremely helpful!


    1. Hey Whitney. My apologies for not seeing this earlier, I’ve been traveling and just getting back into things. I LOVE your suggestion with the tights, I’d like to post it to the blog.

      Regarding the blue lining, that’s a thought. I think there may have been some other set photos released recently that may paint a clearer picture, I’ll certainly double check and credit the correction to you. 🙂

      And the sheer dress/slip… that’s exactly what I was thinking! Let me know if I need to explain that better.

      Good luck!


    1. I have not ‘yet’, but i am looking for online resources for all these components, jewelery specifically since it can actually be the most involved to replicate, particularly her rings.

      Will keep everyone posted.


  5. Hello! As most of your commenters, I am also looking to cosplay Scarlet Witch. Your page has be incredibly helpful and I am really thankful for all the help I can get, as it would be my first cosplay. I don’t sew, so I am looking to find most of my costume online and so far it looks like it will be a bit pricey. Let me know if you find any dresses you think would work for it, and/or dress patterns you decide on. I am looking forward to seeing your costume as it comes together and I hope it goes well!


    1. Hello! Sorry for the late response, I’ve been traveling. Interesting you should mention the online option. I’ve been searching for online sourcing for part of this costume, and haven’t found anything that i find ‘passable’ – as in, it’s ‘ok’ but not really all that accurate. There are certainly some good templates put together at Polyvore for the generic ‘look’, but I’m still searching for the right off the rack options.

      I will certainly post any as I find them. Good luck!


  6. Don’t know if anyone has mentioned yet but I’m 99% sure her red necklace is a kuchi coin with a red glass stone.


    1. DING DING DING! Thank you!!!!!!!! You absolutely right!

      I didn’t even know such things existed until I searched on the term you posted above. That is it perfectly.

      Again, thank you so much! I doubt i would have ever identified that on my own. 🙂


    2. I can’t thank you enough for posting this!!!

      it made my life so much easier!!!!


  7. Hi! First off thanks for your break down as it has been a tremendous help! Obviously it’s a little easier now that the movie is out and I just saw it again to focus on her costume. In the part where Thor is channeling the lightening into the cradle they show her with her jacket off and the sleeves are regular short sleeve length with cinched fabric that is vertical. Also the midi ring above the red & gold ring appears to be a crescent moon worn with the opening towards the fingertip. Hope this makes sense and is helpful!


    1. Excellent! I somehow missed that detail in the sleeves. I’ll have to watch the film again more thoroughly.

      You are also absolutely correct regarding her midi-ring. Am just putting finishing touches on a very detailed post about the entire collection of screen shots of her rings, and finally found a good view of that ring.

      Thank you for details!


  8. Thank you so much for all of the updates!!!

    I actually went on Etsy and purchased a Kuchi Coin –

    This one was good enough and in the right price range for me

    less than 100 days until New York Comic-Con – i really have to get moving on this costume!!!

    So far I have a back dress (pre-owned)
    red “leather” jacked – purchased on for less than $20 (and it’s vegan!!)
    black combat boots (on loan from a friend)
    misc rings. (pre owned)
    red string and green bead to make one of her bracelets
    Kuchi coin – purchased on

    i’m going to need bracers, tights, more bracelets, the second longer necklace…..anything else that i’m missing??


    1. A red bra. 🙂 small gold circle earrings (minor detail), sloppy black nail polish and a bad-ass attitude! Please send phtotos, love to see others’ cosplays. Good luck!


    2. Also, would love to see your jacket. Ive been getting many enquiries, i wanted to do a round-up/review of some of the cost effective options out there. 🙂


    1. Nice! That’s the closest I’ve found so far. You’d think find plain non-zipperd combat boots with a slight heal would be easy.

      Thank you!


  9. Does anyone have any feedback about the blue corners to her dress, by her neck? How can I fake those somehow? I was thinking some kind of tank top I could even sew into the dress partially but I dunno. It’s the last issue I’m having with this cosplay. I’m a stickler for details, haha. Otherwise my jacket is almost finished!


    1. Hey! That’s a good question, and i’ve been sourcing new high-res shots, while severely lacking in updating this site on the new discoveries that I found.

      Basically, I (and most of us) interpreted the dress lining as some sort of blue polka-dot… Very wrong. It’s actually a lining made of Swiss-dot mesh, probably grey, with the detail being the cut-away embroidery. Meaning, there is a detail embroidered through both layers, then the BLACK outer fabric was cut-away, revealing the mesh lining through the holes.

      Here’s an example: Dress Detail shot

      Hope it helps. And thank you for motivating me to get back to that post.


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